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Level 4 Studio

Culture Spotlight: Level 4 Studio Design Your Culture “The general vibe is that back corner of a house party, that feeling of having your friends

commerce puzzle alphalete plumbing & heating culture spotlight colorado springs

Alphalete Plumbing

“Alphalete Plumbing & Heat has developed a company culture that embodies the characteristics of Diego Lejuan’s personality, and by the looks of it, things are just getting started. “

chloe capital colorado springs new york venture capital firm culture spotlight

Chloe Capital

Culture Spotlight: “Chloe Capital“ Designing Culture “I can describe this through a few of our core values – they really exemplify what we go through

Trinette Lindsey real estate rap lady colorado springs web design commerce puzzle

Trinette Lindsey

Culture Spotlight: “Trinette Lindsey“ Design Your Culture “They really encouraged all types of marketing,they support their brokers into getting creative and doing whatever kind ofmarketing

ethels club colorado springs commerce puzzle najla austin

Ethels Club

We sit down with Najla Austin, owner of Ethels Club, dubbed as “The First Private Membership Club & Workspace Designed For People of Color” to talk culture.

epicentral coworking colorado springs

Epicentral Coworking

Describing Epicentral without an understanding of their industry is nearly impossible. At the same time, describing Epicentral after you do have a grasp on their industry does not get much easier, but that will serve as our approach for this edition of the Culture Spotlight.

Java Punk Colorado Springs Logo Image

Java Punk Coffee

What happens when southern hospitality meets Nikola Tesla? Java Punk Coffee, of course. Some places are so unique that they demand a certain level of responsibility when reviewed or written about it, this coffee house falls heavily into that category.

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how to start a nonprofit organization commerce puzzle colorado springs web design

How To Start A Nonprofit Organization

If you are an entrepreneur that has goals and aspirations of helping your community, there is a good chance that you are pondering the idea of opening up a nonprofit organization. You may have heard that it can be a daunting task, but the team here at Commerce Puzzle has constructed this article to make the process as easy as possible.

how to write a business plan commerce puzzle image

How To Write A Business Plan

There is no question that we are currently in the age of information, technology, and innovation. As businesses, industries, and software continue to advance, the question “do I reeaally need a business plan?”