Professional Logo Design

Timeless logos have proven to flaunt a type of simplicity that is hard to come by in design.

professional logo design commerce puzzle strategy

Strategy Session

A directional meeting to uncover the foundation for the design of your logo, analytics and creativity lead the way.

professional logo design commerce puzzle usage

Usage Session

A meeting to discuss when, where, and how to use your logo to ensure the optimal impact on your brand image.

professional logo design commerce puzzle brand guide

Brand Guide

A comprehensive guide that contains all of the critical information behind your logo. Ex: Colors, Symbols, Fonts, etc.

professional logo design commerce puzzle delivery

File Delivery

With Jpeg, PNG, Vector, and separate files sent for every color variation; our team leaves you equipped to market.

Learn More About Professional Logo Design

Worldwide brands like Google, Walmart, and Starbucks all share a simplistic style in their logo design. Successful brands that aim for a more youthful tone such as Van’s, Converse, and Adidas, also boast a simple piece of artwork. Even when looking at luxury brands like Chanel, Ralph Lauren, and Louis Vuitton, the pattern becomes apparent. Well done, minimalistic design translates into a timeless logo for your business. Our team of creatives begin by reviewing market research during the strategy session in hopes of creating a solid profile of a variety of your current and potential customers. After this, a collaborative process between our analytic and design team unfolds, revealing the overall direction and objective of your project. The process that goes into creating the logo is what decides the eventual impact that it will have, both positive or negative. The attention to detail that goes into drafting, polishing, packaging, and delivering professional logo design has proven to be a critical part in maintaining a positive brand image. To ensure that your company image is positively impacted when receiving your logo from Commerce Puzzle, we include a usage session and brand guide to eliminate risk when marketing. Transfer emotion, make an impact, and spread your company message with professional logo design today.

Logo Consultation