Local SEO

Local SEO delivered through a revolving on-page and off-page optimization process that solidifies your position on the internet.


Business owners recognize that marketing is all about receiving a good return on their investment, as well as increasing brand awareness and brand recognition along the way. At Commerce Puzzle, our Local SEO Service builds your organic reach with content production, algorithm friendly development, and mobile optimization. A successful SEO campaign leads to thousands of dollars saved on services such as Google Adwords. After all, only 10% of Googles traffic comes from paid searches, so appearing on page #1 of Google organically opens your business up to 90% of the searches that happen for your particular area. 

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Services Provided: Web Design & SEO

  • 600% Increase In Leads
  • Hit Page #1 On Google
  • Their Clients Love The New Website

Mobile Optimization

Each year, mobile search becomes more of a factor in both search engine ranking and customer expectations as our smartphones continue to perform like computers. Search engine companies such as Google consider your websites mobile optimization to be a crucial factor in ranking algorithms, and we specialize in the area for local and national SEO. At Commerce Puzzle, each SEO campaign starts with a mobile compatibility check, and progresses with solutions specific to your industry or niche. Market research allows our SEO team to develop a mobile-friendly experience with on and off-page SEO, resulting in your businesses rising through search engines and taking advantage of the traffic associated with organic search.

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SEO Consultation