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Taking An Analytical Approach To Web Development


Are We Really Different?

At Commerce Puzzle, we combine art and analytics in the creation of your website by doing everything possible to increase conversion rates with every click. We fulfill our commitment to transform Colorado Springs web design by manufacturing a unique user experience (UX) that is backed by industry relevant data. Doing so gives your company the rare opportunity to tell a detailed story while keeping your customers engaged. After the analytical data for your specific industry is gathered, our talented web developers optimize your site to collect traffic, gather leads, and convert sales. In our eyes, an analytically fueled website is not enough to change the landscape of Colorado Springs web design. For this reason, we build on customer management systems that offer comprehensive IOS and Andriod apps to help track your inventory and other important aspects of your website. Yes, you get an app to manage your business! Remember, our conversion-based web design is approached with marketing in mind. This means that we can provide businesses in every industry with the same high-quality results. Whether you own a small business, a mid-sized business, or you are an entrepreneur working on their first start-up, we could not be more excited to slingshot your company above the competition.

The Web Design Process

#1: Collect Information About Your Business

    Our comprehensive branding form is the first step that our designers take when learning about the overall vision that you have for your brand. After you press the "Add To Cart" button in our Branding Store, you will be prompted to fill out a detailed questionnaire before ordering. You get to pick website specifics such as colors, fonts, and more.

#2: Set Up All CMS Accounts, Hosting, and Conversion Plan.

    After we have a detailed outlook on your company vision, the next step is solidifying the foundation to get your site online. Here, we take the time to discuss the optimal method for building your website. With so many different options in the E-Commerce world, it is advantageous to work with a company that can create on any platform.

#3: Deliver Your Project Brief

    With the foundation of your website officially on its platform, designers loaded up with information about your company, and a team with a clear understanding of the analytical data supporting our direction, it is time to deliver your project brief! In this step, we go over a detailed action plan for your website. The outline includes plans for content, media, site features, and the ways that we are setting up your website for search engine optimization and higher conversion rates.

#4: Develope Your Conversion-Based Website

    Now that all boxes are checked, and you are briefed on the direction of the project, our team of creatives and developers build your website with a purpose. Thanks to the excellent care and attention to detailed displayed in the first few steps, you now get to sit back, relax, and enjoy the peace of mind that your website is being built to your exact specifications.

#5: Launch With A Sales Strategy

    Even with our promise to produce a website that you are entirely satisfied with, none of it will be enough to get you noticed in search engines without a systematic approach that follows. Your site is your ultimate marketing tool; for this reason, marketing is a must. With no obligation to take advantage of our brand image services such as social media marketing, graphic design, or SEO, our team fulfills our promise to launch your website with a complimentary 30-day marketing plan.

Colorado Springs Web Design Meets Global Branding

Branding is a process that takes dedication, time, money, and an immense effort from all involved. In hopes of expediting this journey, we do everything available to set your company up to brand and scale on a global level. We take the necessary steps for your company to be recognized anywhere in the world, regardless of a language barrier. As we guide you through your new found way to communicate with customers, here are a few of the analytical data points that we abide by to ensure that your brand and website convert at a high rate:

    Companies that approach conversion rates in a systematic manner are twice as likely to see a large increase in sales.

    Optimizing your call to action(s) on above the fold content (content that you see when you enter the website without scrolling down) has shown to increase conversion rates by more than 105%.

    Only 4% of the traffic that comes to your website consists of customers that are ready to buy. The other 96% need convincing.

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Conversion-Based Web Design For You

At Commerce Puzzle, we commit to a conversion-based approach to web design, but when it comes to your business, what does that really mean? In order to explain in greater detail what makes conversion-based web design such an analytically sound approach, we have created a 10-step list that covers the basics of our design methods.

    C ontent should be updated on a regular basis. A website that lacks engaging content is sure to perform poorly. We set your website up to be its very own content mill, ensure things stay up to date with minimal effort on your part.

    O ptimizing your search engine visibility starts with on-page SEO. We set you up for success by discussing premliminary keyword research, and then setting your website up accordingly.

    N avigation should be functional, easily readable, and easily accessible by everyone.

    V erify that your business information is identicial accross all social media networks, websites, and directories.

    E liminate pages and media that may be slowing your website down. Speed is essential to the users experience.

    R edirecting web pages using the proper signals to ensure that your websites' progress is never lost with Google, Bing, or any other search engine.

    S EM, also known as search engine marketing, is one of the many tools that we use to rapidly grow your business.

    I mage optimization to ensure that the loading time of your website is at speeds where user engagement is high.

    O nline ordering that rivals in-person experiences in both speed and customer service.

    N ew hosting options beyond the norm. If you are looking to expand from some of the popular platforms that may not perform as well, now is the chance.


Potential Return On Investment From Optimized Web Design