Careers Are Culture

At Commerce Puzzle, the commitment to provide our employees' an environment that encourages growth and celebrates individuality is the driving force behind the quality of our products and services.

Design The Future.

Advance your career by designing some of the most modern and impactful businesses around the country. Challenge your skill set by navigating through corporate level projects, and curating some of the most sought after content in the United States.

Design our Culture.

Join Our Team

Work Remotely

Although our creative hub is located in the heart of Colorado Springs, Colorado, we encourage applicants around the U.S. to enjoy our Remote Design Program (RDP).

Learn From Failure

The process that our employees deploy in the face of failure is our #1 driver to success. Learn how to embrace the inevitable and stimulate growth.

Advance Your Education

There is no simpler way to say it; we put our money where our mouth is. We invest directly into our employees by paying for industry relevant certifications.

Open Environment

At Commerce Puzzle, our absolute commitment to an open work environment is felt through a creative, modern, and powerful atmosphere. We encourage your input.

Advance Your Career

With options for growth in every department, we are proud to open new doors and reveal new opportunity to those who work at Commerce Puzzle.

Never Work YOUR Holiday

We are firm believers that it is not our place to dictate the holidays that you celebrate. Our guaranteed vacation program (GVT) is truly inclusive.

Updated Through April 1st, 2019.

Positions Available

Jr. Graphic Designers
Jr. Web Developers
Intern Assistant

Our Hottest Opening

Although we are currently accepting applications for all posted positions, our hottest opening category refers to the area with the most applicants, and therefore the most competition.

Jr. Graphic Designer

In the Jr. Graphic design position your responsibilities will range from print to event design. You will begin to develop an understanding of how to embrace creative freedom while using our analytically-friendly design process as the basis of your projects. Competitive applicants for this position are fluid in Adobe Creative Cloud, have adaptable personalities, a familiarity with the world around us, and a drive to influence the future.

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